Rooftop car parks with bars in Peckham | A Review

Well the title just gives EVERYTHING away.

On a Wednesday evening as the sun was still beaming down over London, I took a trip to Peckham.

Following the directions from my trusty phone I arrived at Peckham cinema. From here, a kind lady directed me round to the alley beside it where I was able to pick up some subtle signs directing me into the multi-story carpark.

The occasional sign appeared, and lead me up and up the car park slopes. It’s a strange feeling walking the driving route of an empty car park for some reason – much like walking on main roads when they’re closed (not that I make a habit of that). I soon emerged on the top floor. Spotting the giant red awning of ‘Franks Cafe‘, I headed to the bar.


I instantly loved this place, and after grabbing a few beers we sat back to marvel at the spectacular views of the London skyline.




We were lucky to catch one of the last warm summer evenings, and made the most of the last rays of sun, basking in the warmth for as long as we could.



My favourite things about this place was the view and relaxed atmosphere. They serve fairly decent food, if you’re happy to queue for a 15 minutes or so,  but expect small portions. Focus more on the booze and surroundings.

To add a little something special to your evening don’t miss the long-drop toilets. Mixed toilet facilities and shabby wooden doors really make this an experience you won’t forget 😉 (nope, I didn’t get snaps of this)


One thing you may not be so lucky to witness is ‘happy birthday’ sung by a group of amazing singers. They claimed not to be part of a choir but the impromptu harmonies were incredible – it was a perfect touch to end the evening!



As the skies darkened, the surroundings changed again, highlighting the skyline in an entirely different way. Groups gathered around the edge of the car park, admiring the changing scenery.

Before long though, the bar emptied and we followed suit, taking ourselves back through the car park and down to the streets of Peckham.



The back-streets of Peckham, that is.


I’d definitely recommend a visit, but it’s getting a little breezy. Maybe one for next year.




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