Homemade courgetti

It’s time to share the revelation that has taken over the house of skirt. 

It’s spaghetti like you’ve never known it.

It’s COURGETTI20140913-180740.jpgWith a handful of Courgette’s from Dad, it was time to put our new spiralizer to good use.


We bought this one but there are hundreds to choose from and you will definitely need one for this courgetti.

It’s SO simple to use. Just cut the top and bottom off your courgette and pop it between the the ‘grip’ and the mandolin.

Then TWIST!20140913-180745.jpg



This is the courgette part done.

Now just choose what type you want.

For Courgetti Carbonara you’ll need:

(makes 2 portions)

2 courgette’s

1/2 tub of cream cheese

1 pack of bacon (cut up, or get pre-cut lardons)

spring onions

salt and pepper

1. Fry off the bacon in a wok until crisp

2. Add the chopped spring onions and fry off for 5 minutes

3. Add the spiralised courgette. This will give off water as it cooks and I tend to try and drain this out as much as possible.

4. After about 10 minutes your courgette should be softened so you just need to add your cream cheese, a sprinkle of salt and pepper, then you’re done! 20140913-180751.jpg




You can also try it with pesto, halloumi, chorizo and squid…20140913-180807.jpg


Or for a full veggie mix, try roasted veg, goats cheese, seeds and a drizzle of balsamic glaze20140913-180812.jpg


Have you got any new versions of courgetti we can try?




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