Bracciano | Exploring the Historical Town

For our last full day in the town, we decided to make the most of the surrounding area, and head to the lake.

We began our way in its usual way, with a coffee in the square, surrounded by beautiful historical buildings.




From the historical part of Bracciano it’s about a 20 minute downhill walk to the lake by road or 10 minutes down a steep, rubbly track. It’s quite a sparse area around the lake so fortunately we’d picked up our picnic lunch in town before we left.





Although I tried to avoid representing it in the photos, the lakeside was really grotty. There was broken glass, flies and diseased birds in most areas, so we settled for the least infected-looking area we could find. It was nice to cool off in the water every now and then, but having seen the shore, I was worried about what I’d stand on!



For lunch we decided to set up a picnic around us, but just as I was popping the last tomato on a plate, Anna yelled out, “OH GOD, BONNIE STOP!”

As I looked up I jumped back as a Swan raised its wings out and hissed at me from just a few feet away!!

We edged backward with our cheese and ham, uttering, “niiiice swan!”

Instead, we set ourselves up on a little bench by the road, much to the amusement of the locals wandering past. It was just what we wanted though!





In the afternoon it got much warmer so we took to a pedalo to cool off. The lake was huge, and it was so relaxing gliding along with the little paddle lapping along beneath us.




We were trying to imagine all the fish that would be beneath us in the lake, which tempted us to opt for seafood for dinner!

The squid looked too good to miss, and I’m so glad we both went for it as I wouldn’t have been able to share mine!!

It was so fresh and delicious. I don’t think they added much flavour to the squid itself, but it really didn’t need anything, as the grill added all it needed and the vegetables alongside were seasoned with rosemary and thyme.


After dinner we went for drinks in the square, but by the time we arrived there it was really quiet. This was surprising for a Saturday night, but the waiter befriended us and bought us copious amounts of extra food to go with our cocktails (that despite our protestations of how full we were, still managed to eat most of!)



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