Handmade Wedding Crafting

Yesterday we got crafty. Fi and Hilly are getting married in just 2 months, so it was all hands on deck to help get the table decorations made.

I thought I’d share a few of our creations, but please don’t expect any help from me on twine or double-sided-tape-related activities again any time soon!


Our first task was to wrap bottles in twine.

You will need 30m twine/string per wine bottle or 15m for beer bottles and double-sided tape.

Start by popping the tape around the bottom of the bottle. Attach your first bit of twine at a right angle (about 1cm) and then start to wind from the bottom upwards. You will cover the bottom piece of twine, holding it in place. 2015/01/img_5976.jpg

It helps to then secure a piece of tape up the length of the bottle (just up to where the bottle gets narrow as we’ll come to that bit later. Then you just tightly wind the twine, with the tape securing each row.



When you get to the neck the twine slips away and leaves you with gaps so you’ll want to cover as much of the neck with tape as you can to keep it in place as you go. 2015/01/img_5957.jpg


Secure the top with more double-sided tape, and a drop of glue.

Ta da!!



Our next activity was to decorate the glasses. Half are for flowers and half are for candles so we used a mix of things to do this.

The consistent factor across all of them was sheets of script (Fi and Hilly are both terrific actors so it is very fitting), which we either wrapped with hearts cut out of it (we had a stencil but it only worked near the edge of the sheet, so we traced the rest on and cut out with scissors) or we use 2 inch pieces which we then wrapped in ribbon.

A few things you may want:

– hessian ribbon

– patterned ribbon

– script

– twine

– double sided tape

– heart stencil / scissors






It took 6 people 6 hours to do this many, so it’s certainly time-consuming but I think completely worth it. Don’t they look fab?!2015/01/img_5979.jpg


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