Courgette crisps

After slightly overdoing it on homemade courgetti recently, I wanted to try something new with this versatile veg.

I bought a ‘crisp maker’ from France a few years ago which I’ve barely used since my ex sliced the top of his finger off on its first use, resulting in a lot of blood, a trip to A&E and a permanently shortened finger.

Taking every precaution (and a deep breath), I carefully sliced up my courgette into gloriously thin and even pieces! IMG_7564

It is the only way to get slices as thin as this, as fast as this.
I loaded up the microwave-proof rack and popped them in the microwave on full blast (if you don’t have one of these racks, don’t worry – read on!)
The instructions say it should just take a few minutes, but after 10 when I was getting a little impatient and my microwave smelt dangerously close to burning out, I pulled them out. The microwave whips away the water, leaving you with really dry courgette pieces.  With a little sprinkling of salt they can be eaten just like this. OR…
…for more flavour and even more crunch they need a second blast in the oven.

If you don’t have the rubber gadget that I microwaved them on you can skip straight to this part, but they shrivel up a lot more when cooked so you’ll need slightly thicker slices to keep the body of the crisp in tact.

After 5-7 mins at 180 degrees your courgette crisps will come out browned and delicious.

Sprinkle on some seasoning – salt, paprika, chilli flakes – whatever takes your fancy, and you’ve got yourself a guilt-free afternoon snack.

ALMOST quicker than a trip to the shops and certainly a healthier way to snack than a bag of crisps.
IMG_7573Dig in!


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