Roast Dinner Ravioli

I created a recipe in my head and it sounded so perfect that I was desperate to try it out.

Trouble is, it didn’t work perfectly BUT it was so close to being brilliant that I wanted to share it, with my learnings, in the hope that I’ll get more feedback and suggestions from you guys to make it even better when I give it another go!

My idea stemmed from the fact that I’ve never seen much creativity with pasta. The fillings are delicious but I felt the pasta itself could be more flavoured. I came up with a rosemary-infused pasta containing a full roast dinner.

This is how I got on…!

Ingredients (makes 2):

– Roast lamb (just a fistful, so best to make this the day after a roast dinner with leftovers)

– Rosemary (ideally cooked in the roasting tin with lamb)

– Half a cup peas

– 1 bag vegetable crisps

– 2 eggs

– 200g flour

Now i didn’t make this part, but it would be the perfect way to finish this dish off:

Rosemary Beurre Noisette

– 2 oz Butter

– 2 tbsp Flaked almonds

– Squeeze of lemon juice

– Sprig of rosemary

If you’ve got ready-roast rosemary from your roast lamb tray then you’ll use that. If not, chop your rosemary and put in a roasting tray. This will need about 15 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees. (note: for some daft reason I forgot this step and put the rosemary in my pasta uncooked which made it taste far more lavendery and flower. Not the flavour I was going for at all…that was my first error!)

Now make  your pasta. Combine the eggs and flour into a dough. Add the rosemary (the easiest way is simply to roll the dough in the rosemary). Kneed the dough for 10 minutes to fire up the gluten, then clingfilm well and leave in the fridge for half an hour.



While your dough is chilling out you can make a start on the fillings. Boil your peas up then strain them and pop them in a blender for a quick blitz. Season with salt and you’re done.

With the lamb you want to shred it up into small pieces. Find the most tender pieces and avoid anything tough or fatty.

I have a ravioli tray but it’s not essential as you can just roll your pieces up separately (I used both options and the smaller ones from the ravioli tray were a more manageable size to eat, but the filling didn’t stay in as well as the larger hand-crafted ones.)

Take your dough out the fridge and pass it through a pasta machine. I recently learnt a little trick where if you attach the 2 ends of you pasta once it’s half way through the roller, it creates a loop that you can turn and turn to save having to keep feeding it back in through the top after each session through the machine. Clever huh?!


You want to roll it as thin as you can without it separating and breaking/tearing like belowIMG_9384


When your pasta is rolled, leave it on a well-oiled sheet of baking paper or foil as this is the only way you will prevent it sticking to itself or anything around it!

Take a piece the length of your ravioli tray OR just slice it into squares on baking paper.

Fill the squares with a small piece of lamb and the pea puree.

Then add your top layer of pasta and either secure the edges with a fork if you’re doing it on baking paper, or use a rolling pin to roll the ravioli tray.







Before cooking you’ll want to get your rosemary beurre ready. Melt the butter in a pan, then add the almonds until they brown. Add a squeeze of lemon and rosemary for flavour and leave to simmer for 10 minutes. Remove the rosemary sprigs before serving

For the pasta, pop them into boiling water until they float – approx 3 minutes.


Serve with the beurre drizzled over the top and a sprinkling of vegetable crisps to complete your full roast dinner pasta.


IMG_9411I think you’ll agree the the rosemary butter is one of the missing pieces. If I fry up my rosemary for the pasta too I think this dish would be a success.

Any other ideas for it before I take it on again?!

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